Digital Asset Ecosystem for the Green Web and the Internet of Energy


Revolutionary technology and proper economic incentives for a sustainable economy.

Giving you power over the future of finance…

We’re building the crypto ecosystem that represents the true future of finance. Giving individuals power over their finances and building economies of sustainable growth and abundance.

Value Beyond Currency

Many cryptos focus on transactions, or saving through staking. We are building an ecosystem that builds economic wealth beyond money printing.

A Cleaner Planet

Incentivizing more sustainable systems that create efficiency of production will build a cleaner more beautiful world.

Community of Builders

Our community cares about more than financial wealth and is working to build a system of abundance.

Our technology is pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible in edge computing, blockchain, and distributed technologies.

What is the Pure Ecosystem?

  • Sustainable Layer-1
  • Green-Web
  • Economy of Value
  • Future of Payments
Sustainable Layer-1


This is the core of the internet of climate disclosures and environmental assets.



Green informatics will drive the future of sustainable development. To address the growing need for storage, transmission, and computation we are building a sustainable edge network to propel the functionality of sustainable computing into the next age.

Economy of Value

Incentivizing sustainability from the ground up

Sustainability means more than green-washing. We are funding projects on the land to produce real assets that will grow our ecosystem and economic impact simultaneously.

Future of Payments

Net-Zero transaction engine

The future of payments is multi-asset. To achieve this without excluding economic participants there must be a payments network that is seamless, scalable, and sustainably focused. Read more…

Building the Green Web

Web 3.0 is hot, but the next generation of data and value will come from combining the physical and digital economies in a more efficient way.

Green Data

Green Data is big business. Creating the infrastructure and incentives to truly create a more sustainable and productive economy is no easy task.

Production Markers

Incentivizing production of quality goods and assets will propel the global economy, and sustainability efforts into the next era.

Our ecosystem was designed to be sustainable from the core, and to grow with the tangible value our markets create.

CASE STUDY: The Carbon Economy at Scale

How we are building the future of sustainable markets…

The Future of sustainable markets is represented through the carbon economy. We believe cyclic value add markets are the way forward for any economic ecosystem.

Carbon offsets are being rapidly implemented across the global economy. We are addressing the creation, verification, and scaling of this asset class.

By 2030 there will need to be over 5B tons exchanged per year, but without rapid scaling this will be a difficult task, and only beneficial to the class of individuals that are priveleged enough to understand these markets.

Learn how we are making these markets more accessible…


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